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When studying works of art, you may not attract all the necessary moments, and therefore you will need to familiarize yourself with the works in more detail, and the interview essay will provide you with such an opportunity.

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December 2013 through March 2014

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Recent 2013 Shows

May 2013 Exhibition

May 1 - 26, 2013

Linda Carlson

In celebration of its sixteenth year and its sixth annual “Peony Festival,” a seasoning of new watercolor paintings by Chicago artist, Linda Carlson will be on display for the month of May at The Timmel Collection located at 133 Main St. in downtown Saugatuck. This special exhibition will begin on Mother’s Day, May 13 from 12-5.

Carlson’s watercolors are created in large nearly photogenic floral paintings. She concentrates all of her efforts of the peony flowers which she grows in her acclaimed garden.  A master gardener and watercolorist, Carlson received degrees from Southern IIlinois University.

To view these new special works go to Carlson. Or contact The Gallery at 269 857 7274. Gallery hours are 10-5, seven days a week. "The Timmel Collection" Gallery and "Saugatuck Garden Center for Art" (where art and nature aspire together) is on the Village Green in the heart of historic Saugatuck.

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Linda Carlson

(Above Painting is "Three Peonies Again")

June  2013

Silvano Assensi

Imagine blending the creativity sparked by paintings, vivid color of oil on canvas, Silvano's images are developed in a unique that results in dramatic art, which reflects intense color, detail and creativity.

His newest  works will be on exhibit at The Timmel Collection. The exhibition runs from June 1st through the 30th, 2013.

July 2013 Exhibition

July 1 - 28th, 2013

Darren C. Jones

Please see (click on) Darren C. Jones
New Works by Chicago Artist Darren Jones

August 2 - September 4th, 2013

Wendy Little and Chris Blank

In the month of August Saugatuck, MI’s The Timmel Collection and the Saugatuck Garden Center for the Arts will be featuring the original photographs (and paintings) of South Bend IN's Wendy Little and Jackson MI's acrylic paintings  of artist Chris Blank.

Wendy Little is a painter, photographer, and musician.  Her paintings, which are acrylic, are influenced by the Impressionists, while her photography is inspired by old Hollywood. 

"Intially, Wendy's dark Gothic images caught my eye, but as I looked further at her work, I was also impressed by her bright, colorful landscapes," remarked Dacre C. Stoker, Author, and Great Grandnephew of Bram Stoker, Author of "Dracula." Artist Shannon Mac Donald commented, "I love Little's dark pieces. They remind me of the old horror films, where your imagination takes you to the depths of ultra-fright." Little's influences range from Claude Monet to the Brothers Grimm.

Chris Blanks work will be featuring original acrylic and mixed-media paintings. A love of art has always been a part of Chris’ life. Talented artistic family members are found on both sides of his lineage, all of which have been an influence on him one way or another.

“I am partial to acrylic paint on canvas and the use of vibrant color. Most often I start with a standard brush and begin my first layer with colors which seem to choose themselves; as the layers begin the variety of tolls I use could be anything … a palette knife, a pencil, tissue paper, burlap, or even the opposite end of the paintbrush in hand; the enjoyment of developing mixed media projects is that I can use any medium the canvas tells me it needs.”

With that I create depth in each piece and do this with layers or a complete under-painting creating shadow and dimension. The challenge is to make it seem as though the medium is actually floating.”

Having traveled extensively, the world has opened up a world of bright color for Chris. The exposure to new styles has encourages growth and the opportunity to experiment in work not deemed ‘traditional’ or ‘safe’ while not placing his own style in jeopardy, but only broadening his creative process.

Exhibition will open Friday, August 2 at The Timmel Collection located at 133 Main Street in the heart of historic Saugatuck. The Gallery is open from 10AM to 5PM daily. For more information contact the Gallery at 269 857 7274 or to see images of all works in the show  click on Wendy or Chris..

In the month of July, MI’s The Timmel Collection and the Saugatuck Garden Center for the Arts will be featuring the original acrylic paintings of Chicago artist Darren Jones.

 Darren Jones is an artist who captures nature’s beauty in paintings which evoke emotion and a sense of humanity.  Born in Canada, he is a self-taught artist who enjoys working in oil and acrylic mediums on canvas.  He is frequently asked how he began painting. From a young age he has always known that he has the soul of an artist but it wasn’t until one summer day in 2004, while going to movie, he passed an art store.  He did not go in but noticed a “starter” oil painting kit in the window for sale.  Intrigued, he returned to the store after the movie and made the purchase and one that he will never regret.  He began painting that evening and has not put his brush down since.  On March 6, 2009 after being laid off from his executive position with a Travel publication, he has taken the leap to pursue his passion full time!

  “Nature and the beauty that surrounds us inspire my soul, my thinking and my artwork.” Natural landscapes, gardens, flowers and water heavily influence his work.  Growing up, fond memories of his mother’s gardens and how she tended to them so gently and they have been the inspiration for many of his paintings.  Traveling frequently, Jones is often moved by novel surroundings.  “Many of the world’s natural wonders such as storms, sunsets and sunrises act as a muse for my work.” All of these elements help him create works that are impressionistic and contemporary in style.  

 With his current collection, he tries to evoke a sense of place, peace and calm within one’s soul.  With many of his new pieces, he has incorporated delicate papers, wood fibers and sand mixed with acrylic paints to create a greater depth to his work.

 Jones is a supporter of many organizations and charitable events. He helps raise funds through his art for groups that support children, treat mental illness and AIDS/HIV. Jones’ work is featured in galleries and private collections across North America, in Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

 Exhibition will open Monday, July 1st at The Timmel Collection located at 133 Main Street in the heart of historic Saugatuck. The Gallery is open from 10AM to 5PM daily. For more information contact the Gallery at 269 857 7274 or to see images of all works in the show by Darren go to Darren C. Jones.

(Above Painting is “Golden Fields” a 36" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas)

September 2013 Exhibition

September 7 - 29, 2013

Ann Teliczan

The Garden Show

Imagine blending the creativity sparked by paintings, vivid color of pastels and detail expected in photographic images, Ann Teliczan's enhanced hybrid images are developed using a unique process that results in dramatic art, which reflects intense color, detail and creativity.

Her newest garden works will be on exhibit at The Timmel Collection. The exhibition runs from September 7 through the 29th, 2013.

Teliczan is known for her unique work that combines new technology and art mediums with traditional art techniques.

"My art reflects the world between imagination and reality. With the new mediums now available, I am able to create a new type of hybrid art that was previously unachievable," Teliczan says. "Through experimentation I have developed the Enhanced Hybrid Image process. It is a hybrid of extremely high quality image captures, these images are typically created with a scanner and sophisticated scanning software. The captured images are only starting points that barely resemble the completed art. They are enhanced and painted with the use of a powerful computer. In order to complete this process, the art must be transferred via printing. To do this effectively I use custom print profiles developed specifically for my art, software, printer, scanner, papers and inks. The combination of papers, ink and protective coatings I use provide archival quality print permanence."

The final art is a limited edition hybrid that blends human skill with advanced technology resulting in an image with saturated color, vivid detail and a surreal effect. Ann Teliczan has lived in west Michigan since 1980, where she draws inspiration from the beautiful natural surroundings.

Teliczan's work has been gaining notoriety. Her art was featured in a solo exhibition at the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center. Recent media coverage includes a feature in the Grand Rapids Press "Great Finds" section; on-air recommendations in WOOD-AM Flowerland Show and from Alison Hart on WBFX; as well as a cover story in the Advance Newspapers. Teliczan's work is featured in numerous personal and corporate collections including West Michigan Heart and Mercantile Bank.

The Show will open  September 7. Contact The Gallery at 269 857 7274 for information. Gallery hours are 10-5, seven days a week. All work is available for viewing and sale at "The Timmel Collection" is located at 133 Main Street on the Village Green in the heart of historic Saugatuck.

October/November 2013 Exhibition

October 4th - November 31, 2013

Mimi Prussack

IN the months of October and November The Timmel Collection and the Saugatuck Garden Center for the Arts will be featuring the original paintings of Michigan painter Mimi Prussack.

 Mimi’s goal is to paint a body of work that expresses my emotional response to nature in order to persuade others to experience and preserve the natural beauty of our environment.  Her intention is to create paintings that capture the warmth and tranquility she experiences while hiking through the majestic scenery of Western Michigan and near her home in Oakland County.  She observes the way light changes with the seasons and dances over the surfaces of the landscapes. Whether in the changing leaves and aspen trees, or the lakes and sandy beaches, she is drawn to the glowing light of the sun in the early mornings and late afternoon. Her goal is to use her own emotional response to light and shadow in order to create a unique experience for the viewer.

 Her interest in textures, patterns, and color has led her to explore many combinations of materials in order to develop her own signature style of painting. It is of great concern to her in recent years how this natural beauty may be lost.  It is imperative to her that individuals understand how we can preserve our environment.  Mimi both recycles items through collage and reuses materials for paintings she hopes to create.

 Initially, Mimi lays down a first layer of black acrylic paint on the canvas.  Then a colorful underpainting is worked quickly, without care for detail.  This freedom allows for the artist to use the vast array of wonderful hues while quickly covering the canvas and ensuring an energy to the final product.  On large canvases, a thick brush is used to paint directly from the tube, blending all neighboring colors to create combinations of value and hues.  She then begins drawing in the composition, starting with the darkest darks and working to the lightest lights.  The brightest whites and neutrals are slowly and intuitively added as necessary to develop a strong focal point.

 In order to recreate my feelings in her artwork, she has chosen to work on large formats. The large canvases have enabled her to successfully capture the grandeur and beauty of the landscape, while preventing her tendency for creating too much detail.  The large sweeping stokes she is able to use creates a more impressionistic and abstract quality to the work.  These large glowing paintings are richly colorful have successfully expressed her feelings.

 She has created her own formulas for mixing traditional oil paints, additives, and wax in order to form a thick impasto paint.  The enhanced thickness of the paint enables her to apply the paint with a palate knife rather than a brush.  The stiffness yet flexibility of the plate knife allows her to aggressively apply the paint with spontaneity.  She is then able to build up thick patches of paint and then slice through the thick paint. The carving into the paint once it has dried and hardened allows her to portray the movement and swaying of leaves and branches. She is able to create the thinnest blades of grass as well thick petals of flowers.  The trunks of the aspen trees are built up with layer upon layer of thick paint. The layers are allowed to dry before the next combinations of colors are added on top.  The knife is used to shape and carve into the paint.  This process has developed over the past several years and she continues to look for techniques which will add more depth and texture to her work. 

 In the last stages of the painting process, the final color and excitement are added to the works.  Mimi quickly adds random dots and dashes of paint to bring interesting vibrations to the surface.  With the addition of accents in complementary colors, she expertly causes the viewer’s eye to travel all around the canvas.  Hundreds of combinations of colors are applied to the surface.  Although she begins painting with a limited palate, at this stage a full compliment of colors are used to create interesting patters, textures, and lines.  Various shapes and sizes of knives are now used to develop varying affects.  Dragging the paint into different directions, she continues by cutting through the wet paint.  By blending the colors freely across the image the spontaneous look she is striving for is accomplished.

 One of Mimi’s favorite subjects is landscape, particularly Aspen trees illuminated by the late afternoon sunlight.  These trunks give the artist an area on the canvas to form rich texture, while challenging her to use subtle shades and variations of white to make the trunks appear to glow.  These areas usually become the focal point of the painting, along with the rich undergrowth of wildflowers and greenery.  Thick paint mixed with wax is applied quickly with the edges of various shaped palate knives.  As each succeeding layer overlaps the previous dried one, a sense of depth the natural growth of the plants on the forest floor developed.  The artist’s experiences hiking in National Parks has added to the realistic feel of the work.  Walking through the mountains, forests, and meadow has given her ample opportunities to study the flowers and grasses first hand.  Several of her most recent paintings are from Allegan Woods. Her drawings and studies of nature have become an integral part of her compositions.  Her emotional connection to the wilderness has proven invaluable to her as an artist.

 While each painting has a major focal point and pathway within which to enter and travel around the painting, she is always creating many less important yet just as interesting areas of interest.  She believes in a painting as large as hers, it is imperative to give the viewer numerous areas to discover.  It is because of this feeling that she is looking to build up the surface in all areas of the canvas.  Each corner and every negative space has to be dealt with in order for the painting to be successful.  This is accomplished with the use of hundreds of color combinations and continuous dots and dashes of oil pastels.   The viewer is better able to feel the movement and experience the depth of the landscape as their eyes travel across the canvas.

 Mimi’s goal is to build layer upon layer of paint while always staying conscious of crating strong visual compositions.  Hundreds of color combinations are mixed or created by dragging my palate knife through the paint in various directions over the entire canvas.  The final stage is the application of small dots and dashes of color with oils pastels.  The marks are splattered freely across the surface in order to create additional depth and contrast.  Melting the impasto hues with the pastel paint using a heat gun in part creates the glow her paintings are known for.  The surface can then be buffed and polished to the desired luminosity.

 Mimi is always concerned about conservation and ways in which to inform the public about ways the public can preserve our natural spaces.  She is interested in leaving parks with only memory and footsteps.  She is able to take those memories and create strong visual compositions with surfaces that are built up into thick textural paintings of glowing melted encaustic.

 Exhibition  opens Friday, October 4 at The Timmel Collection located at 133 Main Street in the heart of historic Saugatuck and will run through the entire months of October and November. The Gallery is open from 10AM to 4305PM daily. For more information contact the Gallery at 269 857 7274 or to see images of all works in the show travel online to (CLICK HERE)


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