Frank de la Roche

As far back as I can remember, I've felt the need to express myself artistically. In my early teens, drawing and painting were a preoccupation. In my late teens, I had my first taste of "three dimentionality" as a window dresser playing with shapes and space. During that period and following a trip to Europe I began to sculpt in stone and then move to clay which led to bronze and the lost wax process. As my days unfold, I find myself sculpting in various materials moving from stone to clay to wood to metal ... all in an attempt to express what I feel ... and how I see. Because so much in life fascinates me, my subject matter tends to be varied; but, if forced to choose, I would ultimately opt for the human form and more specifically motherhood ... capturing the unique relationship between mother and child expressed in what I like to call "abstract realism" and fueled by my own relationship with mine. My style tends toward simplicity ... fluid, uncluttered lines that suggest rather than state definitively ... hopefully leaving enough unsaid so as to entice the viewer to complete the piece ... please touch!


Frank Preparing for his 2002 Opening Exhibition (as in dusting his alabaster)

Frank at his 2001 Opening Exhibition

Frank at his 2002 Opening Exhibition