Hermel Quezada

Hermel began his artist career at the age of 33 in 1986, after having worked several years in the fields of graphic ars and publicity. In 1990. he won the first prize in the national Salon "Luis A. Martinenz" Ambato, the most prestigious artistic award in Ecuador. Hermel is fully original in his themes. They rotate around humanized animals: pigeons touching diverse instruments, roosters singing to the sound of musicians, cats shaing and friendly with pigeons, etcetera. Each one of his works brings the viewer a message of peace and love.The work of Hermel is happy, not only because of his themes, but also because of his coloring, each picture becoming a true symphony of love to nature and life.

The leading art critic in Ecuador has writtten of Hermel:

There is a lusty sign of life that the artists, that enjoy of interior peace, show us. There is a world of harmony that seems to be lost, because the explosions of violence and the ugliness confuse us. But then appears an artist like hermel Quezada in order to make light above the ruined occult. Therefore his collection of landscapes that are metaphors of the great poem of the creation, blossom, uncontaminated nature, infinite horizons and minimal creatures: an external world that the artist recluses so that our interior landscape will be enriched.

Hermel in His Studio in Ecuador.