Hermel Quezada

The award-winning Ecuadorian artist has expanded from his Latin American roots and become recognized and collected on an international level. The 44 year old artist creates dream-like visions that combine the innocence of nature and an underlying mystery. Virtually all his works involve animals - partcularily those native to his country village in Ecudaor, as well as plant-life and the earth itslef.

He has won top awards in Ambato and Guayaquil (Ecuador) as well as in the USA: The Naples Art Festival (Florida), the Sunfest Art Show ("Best of Show"), West Palm Beach, FL; and the West End Art Festival (La Grange, Illinois). His originals are now being collected in Japan, South America, Europe, and the USA. His schedule of exhibtions, galleries and museums in 1999 includes numerous Florida Art Festivals, the Sausalito Art festival (California), Latin Message Art Exhibit (San Francisco), and exhibitions in Barcelona (Spain), New York (Manhatten), Frankfurt (Germany), Mill Valley (California), and a one-man retrospective in Guayaquil (Ecuador).