"The Book of Mammout"

(A Book of Absolute Contradiction)

An epic poem
For the eons
In which a man travels through life
Whose memories thereof
Thoughts, actions and deeds, words and desires
Are recorded in a day ... or less.
Both here ... and there
This is the story of a wanderer
Revealing he is every man
Beyond which, nothing else ever
Need be written.
His name is Mammout.

What passes through a man, when in the throes of his demise, he is given but an instant more of life. Jumping from a high bridge ... when the stool is kicked over, what comes forth from the memory cells ... but that which was ... is ... passing forever into what will be. Who knows what that moment will bring ... except he who understands the mode of travel ... from here to there. This man ... with his soul about to enter eternity for all time ... without the possibility of resurrection which mortal life proposes ... would have but one thought ... and that is the moment of now ... live life!

This was the spirit with which Mammout brought his life to be. In the reality and/or imagination that pen and ink can record and/or create, these marks capture the passing. The author stands naked before the reader, his flesh bare to the mortal seasons. He is an individual to be judged by what lie beneath the skin rather than atop it. To open one's soul ... to let it dart about for the masses to pick at, this was a rare man indeed. He is one for whom other men should stand and say ... if only I were he ... able to let myself go ... into that which is ... and is not. By so doing ... in creating this that is before you, the reader now ... you become that man ... who will be for all time all other men, in this that is ... The Book of Mammout.

Above Are Author's Notes, 2003.

"Much of modern art is devoted to lowering the threshold of what is terrible."

Quote by Susan Sontag in "On Photography"
from The New York Review of Books, 1973.

The book is an epic poems with 428 stanzas of 15 lines each on 143 pages.

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