"Haiku, The Book"

This book is written
With the assumption that less is more
With the man of a few words to gravitate towards
The man of many to hide from.

These are random thoughts
Some 'here,' a few 'there'
Gathered at a time in life
When my being in both 'places' is wholly fulfilled.

This is a subject matter
Found with ease and in comfort
For those who seek to wander the earth
With but a rice bowl and a well-grounded brain.

"Haiku, The Book" is based upon the simplest truths
Those that come with being
And those which come both before and after
A life has been lived.

Herein the reader will find
These are one and the same
And, as is to be found on the following pages
There is no difference

Between that which life is
And that which it is not.
In death,
Truly, both are

For the aesthetic
Haiku is the book of life
For the non-aesthetic
The book of the dead.

Haiku is fun, easy, and memorable
A poem of seventeen vowels should contain thoughts to carry with one through the day
To remember and cherish, until the next day's sunrise
Haiku is simple in its "Beauty":

A blade of dewy grass
Basking in the sunlight.

"Haiku, The Book," is 365 poems, one for each day of the year, written mostly in haiku style. Each captures a given, precious moment in time, which every person has so many of in any given day. Haiku relishes in the absolute beauty which surrounds so much of mortal life ... and is here, within each of us, always, in both good days ... and especially in bad. Haiku poetry express that which is uniquely mortal. It is found in those special places within each of us which for most human minds, and for whatever the reason, is beyond words. Life can often bring speechlessness ... as does death. Writers of haiku poetry attempt to place these moments on to paper, with the least amount of effort and in the most simple way. Life can be complex but if the pieces of the pie are those taken one by one, its simplicity is its greatest asset. Hence the poem "Haiku,"

Haiku inspires
A heart
The mind
Before retired.

Above Are Author's Notes, 2004.

The book is 110 pages in length.
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