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"In The Next Room"

The book has 365 poems composed as daily entries, and is 117 single spaced pages in length. Cost will be determined upon publication in August 2004. Advance orders are being taken.
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"In The Next Room"

Day One - ITNR

"In The Next Room"

Part of my being is real,
Another not.
In the mind
There is 'this,'
which is,

There is 'that,'
which is not,
And there is that which is in-between,
Which is my life
In the next room.

Day Two - ITNR

"The Poet Continues Speaking"

'You' are that which I talk to
Shouting with pen and paper, rambling,
For there is no one else to listen
Except, your presence in the next room.

When I quietly think
Out, over the horizon, at daybreak, at dusk,
I know 'you' can hear me,
For 'you' are as close as in the next room.

'You' are my salvation and my hope
My dream and my not. You're my reason
When there is none. For me to speak, and be heard
'You' need only be in the next room.

Day 364 - ITNR


By writing these words
Day by day
I've set into your mind
What it is I have to say.

What you do with them
I can't pursue
Just do something,
Even if you haven't got a clue.

Day 365 - ITNR

"To Finish Is To Start"

I've set a date
A goal by time
To finite these words
This life,

That which is mine
Coming to an end
I'm set free
To begin again

Is the human task
To finish is to start
This is 'being here'
Without death's mask.


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