Kenneth G. Ryden

Born in Chicago, artist-sculptor Kenneth G. Ryden is one of the Midwest's most accomplishd sculptors. Working primarily in bronze, his works range from compelling abstractions to heartfelt renderings of man's deepest aspirations annd most etheric visions. Ryden is also proficeient in glass and ceramics and other artisic media. Perhpas his most applauded talent is the ability to animate form with content as he brings the living viability of the human soul into play in his life-sized and larger figurative works.

(Photo is Ken at work
casting bronze)

Kenneth has enjoyed a rich and full career as a professor and Artist-in-Residence at major universites in the Midwest. Currently, he continues in public commission work creating large fountains and public monuments. He is experienced in the process of site planning with designers and architects.



(Photo is of Ken with wife Lynn and their special retriever 'Jake' being entertained by The Timmel Collection's Scottie dog JoJo (on Ken's lap) at The Galleries summer retreat in Saugatuck, "Treetops.")