Lewis Tardy


A native of Kalamazoo Michigan, Tardy began sculpting in 1985 while working as an assistant to sculptor Sonny Dalton Jr. He spent several years with Dalton, learning technique and honing his own talent before striking out on his own. His work has evolved and gives expression to subjects made whimsically fantastic or ironically commonplace. Tardy's "one of a kind" creations include wildly sexy "robotically skeletal" female forms constructed of bicycle parts, tools, flatware and electric motor windings, as well as, many animal and insect interpretations.

"The subject matter of my work deals mostly with the female form as well as some animal forms. My focus is a biomechanical style. My teen years and early twenties spent tinke ring with engines and motorcycles have given me a good understanding of mechanics. That, coupled with my love to illustrate the human form, whether it is figure drawing or sculpture, is what has brought me where I am today. I strive to instill in my works fluidity, a strong sense of movement, and my sense of humor.

My works are created through the process of Metal Inert Gas Arc Welding (MIG). Grinding, buffing, and sandblasting are other elements also incorporated into the process. I look for shapes and designs within found objects that inspire me. Other elements that are taken into consideration are tone, texture, and even weight of the material."

Tardy has won numerous awards and his sculptures are included in many private and corporate collections across the United states and well as in many other countries including: Japan, France, Germany, Canada, England, and Argentina.

The Sculptor and "Warrier Angel"

"Fast Cat" with an Admirer!