Mae Van Ark

When well done. watercolor is a paradoxical medium; it appears easy, but is difficult to master. Watercolor is used by the most experienced and well-known artisits as well as by the very young and inexperienced. This challenge which watercolor brings, keeps so many people, including myself, painting.

I enjoy painting the scenes from my many travels. Living near Lake Michigan, however, brings me back again and again to this beautiful ever-changing stage. The sailboats, the lake and the beach can not escape my paper.

My painting experience is heightened as I am privileged to teach children and adults, both those who are developmentally disabled and those who are gifted and talented. The combination of painting and teaching sems to expand and enhance my own growth as a painter.


Photograph is of the artist and Joel Timmel
taken at her July, 1999 Opening Reception.