Pat Camillo

Pat Camillo is a Saugatuck, Michigan watercolorist.  Noteworthy of her work are depictions of florals.  Pats pink and white petals of trilliums, peonies, iris and roses emerge from dark grounds that manage to assert the character of the foliage without eclipsing the beauty of the blooms.  Camillo has been selected as a consistent featured Artist for the Michigan Trillium Festival and her paintings capture small pieces of beauty. Often they include teapots, cups and floral curvilinear forms played against contrasting, myriad patterned backgrounds that merge cloth and wallpaper into a seamless backdrop in her effective work.
Pat's 1999 Opening Show which inaugurates The Timmel Collection's season every year, is seen here with husband, Saugatuck entrepeneur Phil Camillo. In the background is Pat's "Glorious Morning."
Shown at Pat's 2000 Opening Show is Pat with Amy and Doug Remple who acquired her watercolor painting "Scarmouche II."