Pat Loboda

"I've always loved stained glass - the beauty of colored and textured glass with light streaming through it has always touched a special place in my heart. I was finally graced with the opportunity to learn the craft/art of stained glass in 1994 from a friend who has a glass studio in Carbondale, Illinois. Now a resident of Midland, Michigan, I feel I am entering the artisan stage of my craft.

My time must be apportioned between my glass and my profession. My profession, which includes a business suit and the use of many words, uses the best of my intellectual self. My glass uses the best of all of me. My profession often shows me the saddest parts of life as I endeavor to help people in great trouble, while my glass, in the form of finished pieces, restores my faith in the beauty of life.

My goal is that my glass will stir that same feeling of beauty for others. I particularly love flowers and Christmas in stained glass.