Rocky Kruithoff


Photo of Gallery Managing Director
Rocky Kruithoff aboard The Embarcadero
sailing into the Lake Michigan port of Saugatuck.

There was a time in my life when everything relative to art, came only to my senses through a heavy veil of critical thought. Everything was weighed in the context of artistic criticism - what of its merits based on medium, based on content and composit ion and what form and function, and on and on ... almost to the point of cynicism. It seemed I agreed, that modern art was dead, or dying. Nothing new seemed to do. And certainly nothing that I painted would ever satisfy my critical expectations. While I loved the creative process and experience, I just could not find merit in the outcome. It seemed to me that the art of antiquity could not be surpassed - or resurrected. Everyone painted, everything was ART, everything was pricy and overrated. Ever yone was an artist, everyone another creator-god. I was practically OVER IT!

But most of my life had been about art - it created a real difficulty. I struggled.

Things do change, and veils lift! I simply decided that in the scheme of things - ART is NOT really so serious [NOT ANYMORE]. I paint, I have a great time - and sometimes things turn out just smashing. Sometimes I think not - but nonetheless, I do it. If someone else enjoys the outcome - great! If not, OK. I paint because it gives ME pleasure.

I paint what I like, the way I want to - and only for fun. I don't really want to be considered " an artist" - perhaps some day, when I find resolution between my critical thought processes and my actual pleasure whilst in the act - I may be so bold. But not now - now, I just have fun.

Rocky in his Naples, Florida Studio

I hope you enjoy. If not - well, look around, there are 'artistes' everywhere!

A serious pose ...