Richard Sedlack

Richard Sedlack received his formal art education at Wayne State University, receiving a BFA in 1969. Since that time, he has developed his skills by studying the works of master landscape painters and gaining knowledge of his subject through observation. Richard is an exhibiting member of Oil Painters of America. Selected recent juried exhibitions include:

Oil Painters of America, 10th Annual National Juried Exhibition, Zantman Art Galleries, Palm Desert, CA, April, 2001

Oil Painters of America, Midwest Regional Show, Dunton Gallery, Chicago, IL, September, 2000

Oil Painters of America, 9th Annual Juried Exhibition, Carmel, CA, May 2000

The Society of Western Artisits, Merced, California, May, 1999.

Oil Painters of America, "Midwest Regional Show," Chicago, IL., October 1998.

"The Artist's Magazine," 1998 Art Competition, a finalist among 10,000 entrants.

"American Artist Magazine," "Preserving Our Natural Resourcs" Competetion