October - 2007 Exhibition

Suzanne Mays-Wentzel

In celebration of its tenth anniversary year, a seasoning of oil paintings and exemplary prints of Western Michigan local winter scenes by local artist, Suzanne-Mays Wentzell, will be on display at The Timmel Collection located at 133 Main St. in downtown Saugatuck. This special exhibition will be for the entire month of October.

Suzanne is a rural landscape artist that draws most of her inspiration from surroundings where she lives and paints. Suzanne is originally from mid-state Indiana. She moved to Michigan in 1993. Since her mov e to Michigan she has included in her paintings many Michigan lighthouses and many boat scenes. She still travels the back roads of the Midwest and the shoreline of Lake Michigan searching for inspiration. Suzanne specializes in warm winter scenes and trying to capture the feelings of the moment. She also likes to try and capture the strong light and the sharp shadows of early morning or late evening in many of her paintings. Many of her farm scenes, with the heavy f alling snow, shows the warm glowing light from the windows of the house giving the viewer a feeling of the warmth from inside the home. Her favorite subject is still nostalgic rural America. She uses her medium to try and capture the feelings of the moment. Suzanne is a signature member of the Indiana Watercolor Society. She studied for several years in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is a consistent participant and award winner of numerous regional, national and international juried exhibitions. One of her most resent pieces, which will be included in the exhibition is a scene of early morning sunlight throught he trees casting strong shadows across the new fallen snow. The title is "Morning Sunlight". This piece was accepted in the Indiana Watercolor Society show and was an award winner. This piece has also been made int o a small Limited Edition in a Giclee print on watercolor paper. For this special exhibition, additional warm evening winter scenes, which have been one of her most popular paintings with Gallery patrons, will also be available . These paintings are soft snowing evening scenes with the warm glow of lights on inside the homes or farms, which gives the viewer the feeling of warmth rather than the cold outside. Many people do not like winter but they are drawn to her winter scenes . These paintings are all in Limited Edition lithographs. People comment quite often about the calmness, and serenity they feel in viewing her paintings. This is one of the things she attempts to convey in her art work --- the feelings of the moment --- not just the visual scene.

Suzanne has been drawing since the age of 4 or 5 and producing art in one. form or another for the better part of her life. Nostalgic rural America still remains to be her inspiration as she tries to capture the feelings of the moment.Gallery hours are 10-5, seven days a week through Thanksgiving. "The Timmel Collection" gallery and "Saugatuck Garden Center for Art" (where art and nature aspire together) is on the Village Green in the heart of historic Saugatuck.

New work by Watercolorist Suzanne Mays-Wentzel. For more details please click on Suzanne Mays Wentzel.