Vicky Stull

Photography is an emotional experience
for me.  I love to watch the way light and shadows play on one another. I am interested in the transformation of shapes as light passes over and around them, by the way an object moves forward or recedes, or whether a
surface is transmitting or reflecting light.

Light can create shapes where none exists, it can cause importance or reduce significance, it can move objects forwards or backwards.
Although I rely on intuition to find the
images, I must be touched emotionally by the circumstances.  It¹s wonderful when the
eye and heart meld.


Above photograph is of Vicky and "Timmel Collection"
Staff member "Shadow" and "Cousin Max" taking her
to lunch at Cabbage Key off of Captiva Isand

Vicky with Staff Assistant Max
and Cousins JoJo and Shadow
at Saugatuck's "Maison Garon"
(Summer - 2001)

Vicky and Max
at Saugatucks "Tree Tops"
(Summer - 2002)
(And the glass of Pinot belongs too ...)

Vicky at Her 2001 Winter
Naple's Exhibition with Gallery
Director's JoJo and Shadow

Vicky and Staff Assistant Max
at Saugatuck's "Tree Tops"
(Spring - 2001)