Special Events - 2004

"May, 2004 Exhibition"

(Mary Blocksma Paints A Beach - Memorial Day Weekend)

The kids paint a beach!

Featured artist's!

"May, 2004 "

(Rocky Kruithoff Featured Artist Paining in the Gallery)

Rcoky starts a painting!

All in a day's work .... please note art critic in
lower right hand side of photo!!

Special Events - 2003

"A Painter, A Sculptor, A Potter"

(Opening Reception October 10, 2003)

Gallery Director Rocky Kruithoff and featured artist Dawn Stafford.

Dawn with new works.

Featured Potter Tamela Gallagher.

Dawn with Gallery Patrons Jin & Georgianne Svec.

Dawn with Chicago collectors Glen and Laura Freeman (who purchased their nineth Stafford work).

Rocky with Gallery patrons.

Gallery patrons Nancy White, Nick Barna, and Gallery Photographer Vicky Stull.

Gallery patrons Alan Angeloff, Nick Barna, Lina Kinneman and Bill Rowe.

Gallery patron Ken Terlip and the sculptor Pedro.

Gallery Patrons June and Rob Joon with Gordon & Tamela Gallagher.

Dawn awith Saugatuck artist Ken Caldweiller and his wife..

Dawn with husband to be Nick Barna.

Chamber Music Benefit

July 24, 2003

Chamber Music Entertainment By
Gallery Harpist Heidi Wolterstorff.

Chamber honchos Bill Oberholtzer
& Priscilla Mueller checking
the guest list.

Gallery and Chamber patrons
Ralph Siddell,
Bill Johnson and Vic Kenyon with
Gallery Director Rocky Kruithoff
and Gallery Assistant Mark Koper (
behind bar).

The crowd gathers ...

Gallery and Chamber patrons
George Brown, Larry Gammons,
Carl Jennings and Ralph Siddell.

Gallery patrons and first time
Chamber goers Georgianne and Jim Svec.

A perfect night for a picnic ... and
chilled glass of
Pinot Grigio.

Working the buffet line ...

Hoopdee Scootee part-owner
Neil Atherton with Chamber
patron Judy Oberholtzer and Kathy Horton.

Gallery & Chamber parton Mary Schas
with the other half of
Jim Yarnoch.

The Christian Science Church steps
a cool spot to dine ...

Al fresco on The Gallery steps ....

Jim Yarnoch and Carl Jennings.

Bring your table and chairs
and enjoy the evening air ...

Gallery Assistant Mark Koper
takes time for Fried Chicken

Gallery and Chamber patrons
Marv LeBeau and Ron Stewart
with Benefit Guest as Rocky watches

Vicky Stull

Thirty Year Retrospective

Opening Reception - Friday July 11, 2003

Vicky with Gallery Patrons Judy and Bill Oberholtzer

Gallery Patrons Steve Blackwell and Ron Sarbieski who purchased two of Vicky's works on this evening.

Gallery Patrons Ryan Adolph and Jim Svec.

Gallery Director Rocky Kruithoff with Show Staff Nick and Eric.

Vicky and collectors Brian Mahoney and Bill Rowe.

Long time Gallery supporters Ron Stewart, Cynthia and Bill Porter and Marv Lebeau.

Rocky with good friend Jon Vandejom.

Saugatuck sculptor Cynthia McKean and Garry Umphrey.

The Ya-Ya's unite ... Vicky, Susan Saffer, Ann Horton and Nancy White.

Rocky and Saugatuck 's prima relator Sandy Shanahan.

Michigan entrepeneur's Gary Umphrey and Bill Porter.

Gallery Patron's Larry Sapp, Ron Stewart and Garry Umphrey observe Vicky serving Mark Vanderleek a 'cocktail.'

"Mary Blocksma Exhibtion"

Gallery Event May 24 & 25, 2003

Mary makes new friends at her
One Woman Show and Book Signing.

A constant crowd allows Mary her
most successful book signing ever.

'Movie Star' Gary Criner is all smiles
with his new acquisition.

Mary's ever increasing audience.

Private Dinner for Mary

After signing and selling over 100 books, Mary
relaxes with Gallery owner
"JoJo" at "Treetop's,"
his summer residence.

Gallery patron and Saugatuck resident
Nancy White with

"Art Under Construction"

Gallery Event April 26 & 27, 2003

The garden daffodills
are in full bloom ...

As are the white violets.

The forsythia is bursting.

The ivy is back from its
winter sojourn.

The tulips have broken and
myrtle carpets the ground.

The hylox is ready
to overtake the pathways.

Dawn 'lays out' the canvas ...


Matchng ...

Applying ....

... and is ready to paint.


A moment of thought
artist Dawn Stafford

Her oil paints are ready.

Fresh tulips have arrived from several local gardens.

What do you think?

Colors ...

The flowers to canvas ...

Saugatuck admirers ...

Captured for all time ...

Lots of work ...

A happy artist ...

Contemporary art or palette?

Next weeks work ...