Consignment Registation Form

Please complete the following. All lines must be complete ... if not appropriate, fill in n/a. I, ___________, the owner of the below stated works or art, hereby authorize The Timmel Collection, (herein known as to display the following works of art on its Internet web site. I acknowledge the work is in saleable condition.

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In addition to a photo of each piece (no slides) , please enclose a check for $25.00 for each item (listed below) to be displayed. If the work is framed, and you wish to sell it framed, you must include a description of the frame and the photo must show the work framed. This listing is good for one year. When the work sells, this $25.00 will be credited back to you less a 20% commission off the asking/sale price the work (to be deducted from the price).

Title of Work ---- Medium Style------ Artist/Sculptor Size Framed Size Unframed Year Executed Asking Price

Also enclose for each work copy of any information you may have in your possession on artist and their work. This includes copy of appraisals, original sales receipt, etc. Additional information will greatly assist in any sale (!)

Agreed to by (Your Signature):


The Timmel Collection, LLC is a Limited Liability Company doing business in the State of Michigan. The company is solely owned by Joel Timmel. For information on The Gallery, please return to The Gallery. Please feel free to contact Joel through Collector Services. Thank you.