Ginger Creasy

Narrative Statement


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"The Apple Orchard"

Medium: Pastel
Unframed Size: 13 1/2 x 17 1/2
Price: $625.00
Framed and Matted: 19" x 23"
Frame: 1/4" Blue Metal
Double Matt 1/8" Blue/White
Price: $765.00

"I really love apple orchards, and thats where
this idea comes from. The hill with a face on it
is my son Weston's piece of art work from school.
The apple on the right has a bite out of it
because my son River took a bite of it when I
wasn't looking, so Idrew it that way. The
moon is a center piece of a chime.
I inherited the chimes from a
best friend who died."

"Material World"

Medium: Pastel
Unframed Size: 15 x 19
Price: $700.00
Framed and Matted: 20 3/4" x 24 3/4"
Frame: 1/4" Green Metal
Double Matt 1/8" Green/White
Price: $850.00

"This drawing was done from a still life. I brought three objects to a friend's house, who also supplied three objects. The rock on the left is a spaghetti strainer from my best friend. The tree is my husband's old work boot. The sun is a Spanish plate. The stream of water is a very colorful scarf. The background trees are doorknobs from my bathroom door. And the cow is a minature collection of a cow cup and saucer. It reminds me of how people think that who you are is what you have. It shows that real nature is beautiful. And what we own can be of benefit, but it is not who we are."

"The Timmel Collection"
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"Truth Gives You Confidence"

Medium: Pastel
Unframed Size: 15 x 15
Price: $750.00

"This painting is based on how people sometimes feel
they are right and come off as if they are, but they
are not. The purple ball is the truth, the orange ball
represents confidence, yet the lie. The woman either found
the truth of life, etc. ... or she feels she's found the truth
and it is falling. You can see it both ways. Imagine her
without the leg up. This is like saying my Garndmother
always said ' if it was any clearer it would bite you
in the butt.'

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