Richard Sedlack


Narrative Statement


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Medium: Oil
Unframed Size: 14" x 20"
Price: 1900.00
Frame: 3"Bronze Gold W/
3/4" Off White Liner
Framed Size: 211/2" x 27 1/2"
Price: $2150.00

"Blue Lea"


Framed Size: 19" x 26"
Framed Price: $1100.00
Frame: 1"Carved Gold W/
1" Off White Liner
Unframed Size: 15" x 22"

Unframed Price: $1000.00

"Great Lake Shoreline"


Unframed Size: 16" x 30"
Price: 2600.00
Frame: 31/2"Antique Gold
Framed Size: 23" x 37"
Price: $2900.00

Huron River


Unframed Size: 24" x 18"
Price:  $2800.00
Framed Size:
14" x 18"
Frame: 2" Gold Molding

(3" Deep)
w/1 Beige Linen Matt
Framed Price: $3000.00

"Lime Field"

12" x 16"

Medium: Oil
Unframed Price: $750.00

"Mountain Roots"

: 16" x 24"

Medium: Oil
Unframed Price: $1600.00

On the Road to Stowe

8" x 15"

Medium: Oil
Unframed Price: $700.00

"Homeward Passage"

Medium: Oil
Framed Size: 20" x 34"
Framed Price: $1575.00
Frame: 1"Carved Gold W/1"
Off White Liner
Unframed Size: 16" x 30"

Unframed Price: $1425.00


"Open Range"

Unframed Size: 20" x 32"
Price: $3400.00
Frame: 4"Bronze Gold
Framed Size: 28" x 40"
Price: $3750.00

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