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Welcome to "The Timmel Collection," an E-commerce Gallery of original fine art. To view more of each artist's work, please click on the artist's name or the image of their work below. 

If you admire art, then you must read scientific works related to this or that phenomenon. In this case, if you need to buy book reports, you can't worry and contact the services, or concentrate on the book and write down the main points from it in order to write a beautiful abstract later.

 Thank you.

New Artists

Mimi Prussack

Familiar Artists

Jean Accola

Silvano Assesni

Christopher Blank

Jack Bair

Fred Bellaris

Mark Botzum

Justin Bernhardt

Bruce Cascia

Charles Dix

Michael Elass

Michael Erikson

Deborah Kile

Cat Jackson

Darren C. Jones

Don Kettleborough

Rocky Kruithoff

Joanne Porter

David Ruimveld

Donna Sands

Sally Schoch

Dawn Stafford

Carol Siira

Jillie Swanson

Ruth Mueller Taylor

Ann Teliczan

Kim Walker

Mae Van Ark

Suzanne Mays-Wentzell

Carol VanderNat

Loretta Yoder